S.A. Adams 2016

A Murder Of Crows Flies Down To Earth

"Play it once & you'll want to kill your parents. Play it twice and you will"-Ultimatum Zine, 1989 in describing S.A. Adams first ever official release, the "Reflections of the Wasted Youth" demo.

Now almost twenty years later, S.A. Adams is currently chronicling this journey with "A Murder Of Crows": the newest album showcasing Adams' most killer metallic moments. "There's a lot of hardcore, passionate, rabid music fans out there who are disillusioned with the music that they're forced to swallow. A lot of them are aching for an honest, kick-your-ass experience. This album will justify their wait."

Flanked & recorded with new bang members--bassist Miles Long & Wëege on drums--the continuing live onslaught has been leading audiences pulverized with a sonic mayhem not seen since Motorhead's 1981 tour of america. "This line-up gives a whole new perspective on an already powerful catalog. These songs have never sounded better or more vital than the performances of them now. Over & over you can hear the public complaining about what's on their radio, what the labels give them for "music". They want it real, and this is about as real as it's going to get."

S.A. Adams' early days have been well chronicled by hundreds, if not thousands of magazines, webzines and radio interviews. Early live sightings of a teenage S.A. Adams have him performing Ted Nugent's "Free For All" with future producer extraordinaire Rick Rubin. From 1985 to May of 1986, the streets of Long Beach, New York could hear Adams developing his sound with future Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy. When Adams finally took his sonic bombastic attack to the stage, his third show found him supporting Manowar; his 5th show found him supporting Metal Church. And while many of his peers turned to grunge or pop or whatever the flavor of the day fashion was, Adams recorded & released 7 pure-to-the-core metal albums to critical acclaim and in 2002 earned a prestigious appearance at Germany's "Bang Your Head" festival where he shared the stage with the likes of Slayer, Saxon, WWE's Chris Jericho's Fozzy and Judas Priest's Rob Halford.

And now in 2016, the most vicious and animalistic S.A. Adams has arrived. "A Murder Of Crows" has been praised by worldwide critics as heavy metal's holy grail-A blast of pure metallic salvation for those drowning in pro-tools computerized dreck of wimpy-voiced choruses and cookie-monster verses. Adams production team, The Consortium, praises "A Murder Of Crows" 'will take metal into realms it only has dreamed of.'

Many critics have continued to write heavy metal's obituary, but S.A. Adams is going to write theirs.

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