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FnA Records inks pressing & distribution deal with SAB Holdings-early 1986 Mike Portnoy recording to begin content release

Nashville's FnA Records has acquired the rights to release all past and future recordings of punk-influenced metaller S.A. Adams; debuting with "Unearthed"- the never-before-heard 1986 recordings by Adams and Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy. In conjunction with "Unearthed", FnA Records will also reissue Adams' "Stovepipe" CD (which first brought the Adams/Portnoy connection to light) and "(Not) Live at the Gutter Inn", which chronicles the set list chosen for what was to be the "Unearthed" Tour, recorded prior to Adams 2008 hospitalization and subsequent recovery the following year.

Recorded between December 28, 1985 and January 11, 1986 at Mike Portnoy's Long Beach apartment, "Unearthed" will be a big surprise for DREAM THEATER/Mike Portnoy fans and a feast for those starved for pure metal mayhem. "The material is definitely NOT progressive rock/prog-stuff „ it's serious sledgehammer-in-the-balls metal," stated Adams. "Fans of MOTÉRHEAD, EXCITER, RAVEN, early MEGADETH, VENOM and TANK will definitely find a home with this disc."

Shortly before joining MAJESTY, drummer Mike Portnoy (mis)spent some time of his youth recording with S.A. ADAMS working on what became the foundation of Adams' body of work. "I never bragged the fact that we had worked together, and I was content to re-examine, re-arrange and re-record some of those tracks throughout my continuing catalog," states Adams. "But casually mentioning in interviews that 'Two Steps'' and 'Stalker" (with the original title of "Moths") off my 2001 'Stovepipe' CD was originally done with Mike back in '86, a large amount of people said they were interested in hearing the original Portnoy version. After a bit of back and forth e-mailing with Mike, it's was time to dust off some musical history."

The "Unearthed" sessions were intended to supplement Adams & Portnoy's June 30th, 1985 session-a 9 song demo/cassette album financed by Kick Ass Monthly journalist Bob Muldowney, who tapped Adams to produce a catalog of music for Muldowney to sing his lyrics over. Aside from including lyrical content that even managed to offend other underground metal fanzines, the recording generated a contract offer from Combat Record's "Boot Camp" Series. "Wanting to make sure we could fulfill the content obligations, an plan was implemented to stockpile as much music as possible; a plan Mike & I accomplished that winter. However, once I saw the enslavement papers, I mean, contract, the project got put aside." A few weeks later, Portnoy informed Adams that he'd be putting all his energy into his new band MAJESTY, leaving Adams to dabble with these multi-track masters throughout the late '80s and begin the solo career he still enjoys today.

Throughout the next five years, FnA is slated to release special editions of Adams past catalog including 20th anniversary editions of 1993's "Exiled On Green St." & "Redemption", The Fury's 1992 "Sex" album, (featuring Two Man Advantage drummer Amstel Fuhr on bass) and the 10th anniversary edition of 2004's "Mutated". All the upcoming new S.A. Adams titles will be issued staring 2011, with new albums issued in 400-650 day cycles. "This new association with FnA is a union of people who simply love music; the way it was when rock and roll first was birthed in the 50's," concludes Adams."It's been a long road, but with with FnA, there are people finally in the picture who share the vision."

FnA Records, LLC. formed in 2009 to bring Rockers and Metalheads some of the best unreleased and hard-to-find music from the 80's and early 90's.FnA takes pride in its relationships with quality musicians the world over and releases only high-end, professionally mastered and recorded albums from some of the past decades favorite artists. In addition, FnA Records will make available current recordings from some of the 80's and 90's favorite bands. And finally, FnA Records exists as an outlet for rockers the world over to buy and sell some of the rarest music and collectibles in the Music Store.

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